Dragnet 1967

Police Detective Sgt. Joe Friday and his partners investigate crimes in Los Angeles.

Country: USA

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.7

Season 1 - Dragnet 1967
12 Jan 1967
"Friday and Gannon encounter Benjy \"Blue Boy\" Carver, an LSD user. Because of the then-lack of any laws against the use of LSD, they are unable to make a case against him, and Carver's ..."
19 Jan 1967
"Friday and Gannon are working the day watch out of burglary division when they hear that a large quantity of high velocity gelatin dynamite has been stolen from a construction site. When ..."
26 Jan 1967
"Friday and Gannon are working the day watch out of homicide when a phone call comes in from Ray Righetti, the manager of the Universal City branch of the Bank of America. Janet Ohrmund ..."
09 Feb 1967
"Friday and Gannon question Officer Paul Culver, on the job only 114 days and currently working undercover out of the narcotics division, about the armed robbery of a liquor store in ..."
16 Feb 1967
"Friday and Gannon try to stop a string of robberies by men wearing red masks. A red Cadillac and tip from a drive-in theater waitress lead the pair to a juvenile who may be the key to discovering the identity of the gang members."
23 Feb 1967
"Friday and Gannon are working the day watch out of Frauds Division, Bunco Section. An expert pair of confidence men have moved from Seattle into L.A. Their victims are the elderly and they ..."
02 Mar 1967
"The manager of an apartment building is beaten to death with a hammer. Clues at the scene point to a man named 'Fred', who was playing cards with the victim. Fred has fled, possibly in ..."
09 Mar 1967
"In the span of two weeks someone has robbed at gunpoint ten branches of the city's largest candy store chain--Rachelles. The suspect is described as an older man thin and gaunt. He's never ..."
16 Mar 1967
"Emile Hartman reports the theft of $100,000 worth of quality furs and his delivery van. Friday and Gannon aren't having much luck until an insurance agent reports a call from a man selling ..."
23 Mar 1967
"A woman claims someone broke into her home and stole her valuable jade jewelery. When Friday and Gannon investigate, they cannot get a straight story from the woman, and they start to think it might be insurance fraud."
30 Mar 1967
"A police officer is shot during a routine stop of a car. Friday and Gannon find the driver and passenger, and learn they are paroled convicts. The police officer cannot remember anything ..."
06 Apr 1967
"Friday and Gannon try to track down the driver who hit and run with a pedestrian."
13 Apr 1967
"The detectives break up a gambling ring. Friday is undercover."
20 Apr 1967
"A man signs up people to a magazine subscription, showing them his Congressional Medal of Honor to prove his honesty. However, it is a scam as there is no magazine."
27 Apr 1967
"Friday becomes emotionally involved in a rape-murder case of a Japanese-American war widow, especially after he sees how beautiful she was and after he finds out that she left a young ..."
04 May 1967
"A teenage shoplifting gang is targeting a group of stores. It turns out the kids belong to a club, The Mod Squad, which requires them to steal $20 in clothes. Friday and Gannon go to the ..."
11 May 1967
"Friday and Gannon are working the day watch out of homicide when they respond to a late night call at the house of Jessie Gaynor. Her daughter Nora Hamlin is staying with her due to a ..."
Season 3 - Dragnet 1967
19 Sep 1968
"A television show asks the question - who needs the police? Friday and Gannon are invited to sit on the panel to defend the police department from others that think the police are not needed."
26 Sep 1968
"Gannon & Friday work the evening shift in the Juvenile Department where they field a variety of calls. Calls include a runaway teenager, an abandoned baby, a boy high on drugs, and a girl accused of theft."
03 Oct 1968
"Friday and Gannon are at a community college to recruit potential new police officers. With race relations a little tense in late '60s Los Angeles, a majority of the men in the room are ..."
10 Oct 1968
"On an April 4, 1968, Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis, Tennesee. With riots erupting all over the United States, the Los Angeles Police Department braces for worse case ..."
17 Oct 1968
"Friday and Gannon are assigned to investigate complaints from motorists about a tow truck driver who takes advantage of those who are in trouble on the highway."
24 Oct 1968
"Friday and Gannon investigate the murder of a man found in an alley, with no leads or witnesses. Friday invites Gannon and his wife, and a date over to his apartment for a dinner party."
07 Nov 1968
"Gannon & Friday work in the Robbery Division. Several victims identify the same man as being the criminal. The detectives try to find him, as well as evidence that will convict him."
14 Nov 1968
"The LAPD has just been informed that The President of the United States will be making a trip to LA. They have only been given a few hours to prepare. They work with The Secret Service to ..."
21 Nov 1968
"A reporter for a New York magazine wants to do a piece on female police cadets. She's known for not making the people she writes about very attractive. Friday is assigned to escort her around the Academy."
28 Nov 1968
"Friday and Gannon are sent to meet with a group of business owners who are looking to organize a crime prevention group to help cut crime in their neighborhood. While doing a cursory ..."
05 Dec 1968
"A business man helps Friday and Gannon get the teens involved in stopping the use of drugs. The teens form a club and make a promise not to use drugs and encourage others to stop using them."
12 Dec 1968
"Friday and Gannon work the Internal Affairs Division concerning an arrested man's accusation of police brutality by one of the officers. The main characters from Adam-12 appear as witnesses."
02 Jan 1969
"Friday and Gannon are assigned to attend a conference at Lake Arrowhead where focus groups are formed to develop suggestions to improve community relations and have to deal with bias and prejudice."
09 Jan 1969
"While investigating the murder of a pretty young career girl, Friday and Gannon meet a little old man named Calvin Lampe who is more than a little interested in their investigation. In fact..."
23 Jan 1969
"Friday and Gannon man the desk at the Business Office Division and deal with radicals, a threatened suicide, a lost child, a diabetic drunk, and an impending tidal wave."
30 Jan 1969
"Friday and Gannon come up with the idea of using dogs to sniff out marijuana smugglers. They'll have to find a dog and demonstrate it works while enduring their colleagues' skepticism of the wild idea."
06 Feb 1969
"Friday has a temporary partner when Gannon is out for the day. The new partner is from the Vice Department. He tests Friday by offering a bribe."
13 Feb 1969
"A teenager is caught after taking a car for joy riding. Friday and Gannon try to help the boy realize he is on the wrong path for life, and should change his way."
"No description"
06 Mar 1969
"Several stores report theft of comic books, posters, and pictures about superheroes. The stores say the thief is in costume."
20 Feb 1969
"Friday and Gannon work in the Frauds Department. Disability payments are being sent to deceased persons, and evidence suggests an insider is involved."
13 Mar 1969
"Friday and Gannon go undercover at a hotel to find the location of an illegal gambling operation. Soon after spreading the word they're looking for some action they are driven to a ..."
27 Mar 1969
"Friday and Gannon work in the fraud department. Payroll checks are stolen from a studio, as well as driver licenses and credit cards so the checks can be cashed. After they find a suspect, Friday & Gannon realize there is more to the case."
27 Mar 1969
"Friday and Gannon have less than two hours to find the dog that bit a little girl five days earlier. Normally, treatment consists of serum injections followed by vaccine inoculations, but ..."
03 Apr 1969
"When a four-day-old baby is found barely alive in an apartment trash receptacle, Friday and Gannon search for the person who abandoned the newborn."
10 Apr 1969
"When an audit of a department store chain shows a loss of $100k in merchandise, the Credit Manager asks Friday and Gannon to investigate who may have been responsible."
"No description"
Season 4 - Dragnet 1967
18 Sep 1969
"Friday and Gannon are working day watch and must go to the hospital when a veteran police officer and his young partner are seriously wounded in a liquor store holdup where they deal with very different reactions of the wives."
25 Sep 1969
"The detectives investigate an especially creepy college freshman suspected of the sniper-rifle deaths of two people, for no apparent reason than the sport of killing."
02 Oct 1969
"An informant known as Black Ten turns Friday and Gannon onto a known burglar who is trying to sell an expensive ring that had been reported as stolen. They enlist the aid of a policewoman just out of the academy to help them undercover."
09 Oct 1969
"Friday and Gannon work the hospital round. They are called to talk to a mentally-challenged man who threatens to blow up a radio station."
16 Oct 1969
"A woman reports her husband robbed her grandmother's home, taking everything, even the cane for the blind grandmother. The husband demands respect, saying everyone has to call him Mr Lumis."
23 Oct 1969
"Friday and Gannon work the day watch in the Juvenile Division. Their first call is for a 12-year-old who overdosed on drugs. The detectives search for his seller to get him off the street."
30 Oct 1969
"Self-defense or murder one? The title object plays a key part in determining which occurred when a man shot his girlfriend's lover during an argument."
13 Nov 1969
"When a girl mysteriously disappears from school, Friday and Gannon try to find her and they find out that there are more questions than answers. One question is 'was she abducted by a man named Harper'."
20 Nov 1969
"Friday and Gannon are in the courtroom testifying in a case in which the probable cause for them to conduct a search of the suspect's car is in question. The probable cause is to be provided by a witness who is late arriving to court."
27 Nov 1969
"A man is eligible for parole from a Colorado prison. There's only one problem, there is an outstanding felony warrant on him in LA fourteen years ago. The Colorado authorities will not ..."
04 Dec 1969
"There have been a number of business burglaries the latest of which is a chemical supply firm. If properly combined, chemicals that were taken can be made into explosives such as TNT and ..."
11 Dec 1969
"An old Valdvillian finds 9 one thousand dollar bills on the street. He uses one to buy his friends drinks at a dive. The next morning a private detective claims that the money was lost by a..."
08 Jan 1970
"An addict who is on parole and succeeding with his rehabilitation disappears and his Parole Officer asks the detectives for help in finding him before he gets back on the habit."
22 Jan 1970
"The police ask the press to publicize the M.O. of a woman who burglarizes elderly people in an effort to either catch her or scare her out of Los Angeles. She claims that an employment ..."
29 Jan 1970
"A horrifying mass murder at a rooming house leaves no discernible suspects, unless a witness who fled the scene can be found. Meanwhile, still another corpse shows up in an upstairs bedroom."
05 Feb 1970
"The detectives try to solve a series of residential burglaries. One victim reported that a jewelry case was taken containing $320. A stolen double-barrel shotgun was found at a pawn shop ..."
12 Feb 1970
"It's Friday evening, Bill's wife is out of town and Joe has agreed to spend the weekend with him for some R & R, starting with a little pinochle with two neighbors. The next day the ..."
19 Feb 1970
"When a man is arrested for possession of illegal pills, he provides information that may help him at trial. The information leads Friday and Gannon to a home used as a pill making factory ..."
26 Feb 1970
"Brought to their attention by a member of the Department of Animal Regulation, and with an okay from the Captain, Friday and Gannon investigate a rash of reports of lost dogs from a ..."
05 Mar 1970
"A woman's body is found with no identification on it. Friday and Gannon must try to identify her and their only clue is an unique ring she had on."
12 Mar 1970
"A forest ranger is brought in when checks and credit cards bearing other names than his own are found in his possession after he is stopped for a traffic violation. Even though he seems to ..."
19 Mar 1970
"Friday arrests a fellow student after their night school class and incurs the wrath of Professor Grant, who expels him after a vote of the other students at their next meeting. Friday ..."
26 Mar 1970
"Friday and Gannon are assigned to investigate Norm Bivins and Earl Malone, veteran homicide investigators accused of stealing $800 from a dead man. Agnes Emerson, who handled the man's ..."
02 Apr 1970
"As Friday and Gannon investigate a series of robberies, a vindictive woman, Jean Sawyer, makes a pest of herself by calling headquarters repeatedly to accuse her husband of the thefts. The ..."
09 Apr 1970
"The detectives work in the Burglary Division. They are called to a company where a safe has been opened and the contents stolen."
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